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A Walk in the Park

Explore Shenandoah—Virginia’s First National Park

While most visitors to the Charlottesville area come to explore its great history, including Jefferson’s iconic home, Monticello, or James Madison’s Montpelier, there’s another side of the area to explore. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia’s biggest national park, is a short ride from town, and is the perfect location for a day of hiking or biking.

Shenandoah was dedicated July 3, 1936. Cobbled together along the Blue Ridge from Front Royal to Waynesboro, the long narrow preserve divides the Shenandoah Valley from the rolling Piedmont to the east. The park contains a wide array of flora and fauna as it rises from a mere 550 feet at its lowest elevation to over 4,049 feet at its highest atop Hawksbill.

Home Smart Home

By Cathy Purple Cherry, AIA, and Doug Kuchta
Purple Cherry Architects

Technology has truly become a normal part of our lives and has quickly become integrated into our homes. Home automation, often referred to as a Smart Home, is the implementation of technology into building operations. It consists of lighting control, smart HVAC (heating and air conditioning), wireless security, and more. Imagine coming home from work at night and pressing a button on your phone to turn on the lights, play your favorite music and unlock the front door. Whole house integrated smart control systems allow the user to turn on a lighting scene before having friends over for a party, and then turn off every light in the house with the push of one button on their phone when the last guest leaves. Improved mechanical equipment, design strategies and smart integration are making our homes more efficient, both from an operating cost standpoint and from saving us actual time each and every day. Time is precious given that demands are high as a result of technology. This is the circle of daily life in the twenty-first century. What are some simple things you can do with simple efforts?

Classic Legacy Thoroughbred Aftercare

Life After Racing

Once a horse runs its last race, what happens? Some of these animals are fortunate to go into retirement, and others may find another profession. But all too often, retired racetrack Thoroughbreds experience various forms of abuse, ranging from abandonment to being sent to the slaughterhouse. Classic Legacy Thoroughbred Aftercare (CLTA) aims to ensure that Thoroughbreds are forever accounted for, from their first race to their last day.

Sidesaddle, 1690-1935

Works from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

In art and sport, the poised equestrian riding aside embodies the essence of elegance, power, and grace. Hidden beneath the flowing skirts of the rider is the sidesaddle, the design of which has evolved dramatically in response to the physical demands of sporting women (and sometimes men) requiring a firm seat as they began to meet the challenges of jumping and galloping across the countryside.

Slices of Life


By Mary Moroney

Breakfast wasn’t breakfast without the Times. As “with-it” as Sallee saw herself—a member of the modernist vanguard to be sure—modernity need not breach all things. The morning newspaper was one such thing.

Stuart breezed into the house, not bothering to ring the bell. Since their parent’s death, younger sister Sallee had been living in the parents’ house next door to Stuart. Such proximity made meeting regularly easy for the long-estranged sisters. A relationship had begun to blossom, a healthy one, one both women had longed for and now cherished.

On Point

Leonardo da Vinci sketched using pencils, Lewis and Clarke carried pencils on their expedition, and John Steinbeck is rumored to have used up to sixty pencils a day while writing Grapes of Wrath. Whether you enjoy settling into the crossword puzzle on Sunday mornings, or have ever taken the SAT, chances are you’ve probably held a pencil, too. These writing utensils are extremely common, and yet it’s amazing how many of us are unaware of their fascinating history.