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October/November 2017

The Virginia Film Festival Turns 30

By Kate Edson
Images Courtesy of the Virginia Film Festival

With the onset of crisp November air comes an annual star-studded stream of actors, directors, and writers to Charlottesville. Films ranging from timeless classics to brand new experimentals draw thousands of locals to the Downtown/University area to participate in the screenings, premieres, and panels of the Virginia Film Festival.

The Festival began in 1988, when the University of Virginia (in partnership with the state) took on the project to stimulate local economic growth and give Charlottesville an opportunity for academic inquiry through film. Since then, the event has hosted countless premieres of notable films and an impressive lineup of screen legends, such as Shirley MacLaine, Morgan Freeman, Gregory Peck, and Jimmy Stewart.

Jody Kielbasa became the Festival’s director in 2009. He moved to Charlottesville from Sarasota, FL, after serving as the founding executive director of the Sarasota Film Festival for ten years.

“[This] was an opportunity for me to move to an absolutely remarkable community here in Charlottesville that is surrounded by incredible beauty, and is also home to the University of Virginia,” Kielbasa said. “It was an honor and a privilege, [and] it remains so today.”





























Photographer and Writer William Albert Allard
Shares Three Decades of His Images of Paris

Photographs by William Albert Allard


For 31 years William Albert Allard has returned again and again to the City of Light in the true spirit of the flâneur, to wander the streets aimlessly, yet ever alert to moments he might capture in his camera. With superb colour perception, this masterful portraitist and long-time contributor to National Geographic magazine has returned from his strolls with images ranging from fashion models backstage, to a beautiful young café patron lost in thought, to bikini-clad sunbathers in a grassy park in the Marais or lying on the sand of man-made beaches along the Seine. As does a flâneur, Allard has often walked about Paris in pursuit of nothing specific but everything in general. He is known for his meticulous framing of the moment, all the many pieces of a visual puzzle falling gracefully into place. Allard claims he misses far more than he gets, but those he does capture are truly memorable pictures one can cherish, from a city that never stops offering more.



Purposeful Architecture
Designing Living And Learning Environments For Adults and Children With Disabilities

By Cathy Purple Cherry, AIA, LEED AP, Purple Cherry Architects


The name “Purposeful Architecture” was selected for the specific body of work within my architecture firm, Purple Cherry Architects, dedicated to positively impact living and learning environments for adults and children with disabilities. In this work, I serve as a special needs architect consulting with teams across the country to positively influence the built environment that supports individuals with special needs and the staff that serve them. For me, this work has a very specific purpose. Thus, the name. My “Purposeful” heart extends to my other non-profit work as well. I am dedicated to helping nonprofits and have found the design and building process to be very intimate with these groups. The employees who serve our children with special needs and nonprofits are most often passionate for their organization’s cause. It is this passion that feeds my soul. As a design architect, I have found that there is an intimate connection between design and relationships with clients. This intimacy exists in both my “purposeful” work and in my high-end residential work.



Making A Difference: The Building Goodness Foundation
Building Community and Improving Lives

By Kate Edson


Building Goodness Foundation (BGF) is a Charlottesville-based nonprofit organization that connects skilled construction workers with vulnerable communities. For nearly 20 years, BGF volunteers have built and renovated homes, schools, and health clinics both locally and abroad. BGF establishes on the ground partnerships with communities in need, providing volunteers to teach skills to local workforces in order to support economic independence and avoid displacing local labor.

Kelly Eplee serves as the (BGF) executive director. “What Building Goodness Foundation provides is a way for volunteers and supporters to be neighbors, in a way that really makes a difference, whether that neighbor is in our own backyard or across the street or in another country,” Eplee said.

“We support [nonprofits] so they can do their job better,” Board of Directors secretary Mike Stoneking agreed.

“I think you value something most when you work for it,” BGF volunteer engineer Garrick Louis explained. “That sense of ownership, by the community, when they see the work that they have done, and they see the benefit it provides, for their neighbors, I think that that is a distinguishing strength of the BGF projects.”



Trick or Treat
Easy pumpkin carving and etching


Sharing traditional and easy-to-create pumpkin carving and etching ideas for Halloween.






























2017 Football Rivalry: Virginia Tech versus The University of Virginia


On November 29, 2015, Justin Fuente became the eighth head football coach at Virginia Tech since 1950, replacing retiring coach Frank Beamer, the school’s all-time winningest coach. Fuente came to Tech after serving as the head coach for four seasons at the University of Memphis. He inherited a program that went 5–31 in three seasons (2009–11) prior to his arrival and guided it to a 19–6 mark his final two seasons. In 2015, he helped the Tigers to a 9–3 record, which included a 37–24 win over then-No. 13 Ole Miss. That marked the highest-ranked opponent Memphis had beaten since knocking off then-No. 6 Tennessee in 1996. The Tigers concluded the regular season with a 63-0 win over SMU in Fuente’s finale as the head coach.

Bronco Mendenhall was named Virginia’s head football coach on December 4, 2015. He served as the head football coach at Brigham Young University for the last 11 years before joining the Cavalier program. Mendenhall, Virginia’s 40th head football coach, has compiled an overall record of 99–43 in his 11 seasons as head coach at BYU to rank 12th in total wins among all FBS teams during that time. Mendenhall also ranks 13th in winning percentage (.697) among all active coaches with at least five years of FBS experience, and he ranks 10th among active coaches with at least 10 years of experience.



Slices Of Life
Who Needs Turkey When Hot Dogs Will Do

Mary Morony’s ‘Slices of Life’ series will take you through thought-provoking experiences and life lessons along with the Mackey family, using humor and whimsy. Her stories will leave you inspired, nostalgic and entertained.


Had someone asked why Social Studies didn’t make Sallee’s list of favorite subjects, she would probably have said that the teacher didn’t teach. All she does is hand out a kid’s newspaper and expect us to answer the multiple-choice questions. Based on that mind-set and general principles, Sallee made a habit of not reading the weekly paper.

The October 19, 1964, Weekly Reader featured an article announcing Martin Luther King as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and also included a section about the landmark Civil Rights Act outlawing discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion or national origin passed that summer. Sallee took an interest since she knew it would make Ethel happy, so she skimmed the articles before taking the paper home for the maid’s perusal.



Last Laugh
Trivial Pursuit

By Louise B. Parsley


It always starts the same. “Louise, help me,” The Bob begins, “what is…”

Wait for it. Wait for it.

“…the name of that guy?” And. We’re. Off. Live streaming our favorite pasttime Who’s the Guy? Part 20 Questions, part Charades.

“What guy?” I play along.

“The one we had over for dinner last night…” As his voice engines gather momentum, his thought bubble roars at me, You, moron!

“How should I know?”

“You sat next to him! He kept saying you should use more bleach in the kitchen. It saves lives.”

“What color was his hair?”

“He was bald.”

“Mr. Clean?”

The Bob should know by now I’m bad with names. Really bad. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that if I did, I‘d remember his name is Tom. Only it’s Don.

Why is it I can remember Joni Mitchell’s birthday, license plates of my childhood and the theme song to My Three Sons, but what I did last weekend is as elusive as algebra is to an ape?

Just last night, I said, “Let’s watch that movie—the one with whatshisname, the hunky dreamboat.”

Blank stare.





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