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February/March 2016

Defending The Air We Breathe
The Air We Breathe Is Cleaner, Thanks To The Commitment Of Recently Retired Southern Environmental Law Center Deputy Director JEFF GLEASON

by Charlie Feigenoff
photograph by Mark VanDyke


When Jeff Gleason, the recently re-tired deputy director of the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC), was growing up in the 1950s and 60s, Charlottesville was a rural com-munity. Farmers drove in from the country to pick up supplies at H. M. Gleason’s, the farm supply store operated by his uncles. A special treat for Gleason and his siblings was dinner at the local Biff-Burger franchise. Period photographs show the drive-in just north of the bypass on Emmet Street perched on the edge of a vast pasture. Burgers cost just 15 cents.

Charlottesville, like many cities throughout the South, has been remade by the passage of time. Charlottesville and Albemarle County have tripled in population since Gleason was a boy. The original H. M. Gleason’s store, located next to what is now the downtown ACAC, has been converted to stores and apartments, and development on Route 29 North runs virtually uninterrupted to the Greene County line.

With these changes have come a host of environmental challenges for the South: dirty rivers, unhealthy air, a proliferation of roads, and more. Along with founding executive director, Rick Middleton, Gleason helped preside over an organization that has grown dramatically in scope and sophistication to meet these threats. Headquartered in Charlottesville and focused on six Southern states, SELC is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.






























Salamander Resort and Spa A Spirit of Welcome in the Virginia Countryside
by Kirsten Smith


There is no place in which the spirit of Virginia living feels more tangible than among the 340 acres of Salamander Resort & Spa. Nestled in the rolling, green countryside of Middleburg, Salamander’s Grand Entrance welcomes guests in the manner of a traditional Virginian estate while also exuding a certain bucolic warmth and relaxing atmosphere—comfort for the weary traveler. Recognized by Travel & Leisure in 2014 as one of the World’s Greatest Hotels, the resort was opened in 2013 by Sheila C. Johnson and offers not only exquisite lodging, a spa, and array of fun, rejuvenating indoor and outdoor activities, but also boasts a location in the heart of Virginia horse and wine country that draws in impassioned equestrians and wine lovers the world over.



Historic Garden Week in Virginia

Special Event: Designer Carleton Varney THURSDAY, MARCH 17, AT FARMINGTON COUNTRY CLUB

Each spring visitors are welcomed to over 250 of Virginia’s most beautiful gardens, homes, and historic landmarks during “America’s Largest Open House.” This 8–day statewide event provides visitors a unique opportunity to see unforgettable gardens at the peak of Virginia’s springtime color, as well as beautiful houses sparkling with over 2,000 flower arrangements created by Garden Club of Virginia members. Tour proceeds fund the restoration and preservation of Virginia’s historic gardens, provide graduate level research fellowships for building comprehensive and ongoing records of historic gardens and landscapes in the Commonwealth, and support the mission of the Garden Club of Virginia. This year offers three different days of touring in the Albemarle area. On Saturday April 23, visit Morven, c. 1820. Sunday April 24, tour Flordon, a picturesque neighborhood in a lush, rolling, woodland setting a few miles west of Charlottesville, with access to five private properties. Conclude your trip on Monday April 25 with free tours of the Pavilion gardens at the University of Virginia, a restoration site of the Garden Club of Virginia using proceeds from past Historic Garden Week tours, and visit Carr’s Hill, the University of Virginia President’s home.

Special Event: Designer to superstars from the worlds of fashion, entertainment, and business, Mr. Carleton Varney will speak at a luncheon in Charlottesville at Farmington Country Club on his colorful life in decorating. The Varney design philosophy stresses bright colors, bold floral patterns and contrasts, and the rejection of all that is impractical, uncomfortable and drab. Carleton Varney is President/Owner of Dorothy Draper & Co.






























Birthstones and Birth Flowers
Gem photography courtesy of American Gem Society

Deciding how to celebrate a birthday can be intimidating, because you want things to be perfect. People love to follow customs, and have found the traditional Birthstone and Birth Flower gift lists helpful. Celebrate this years’ milestones with traditional themes, blending those traditions with fresh inspiration. Whether you choose a romantic, fun, sentimental, or practical gift, using a traditional material can add creativity, meaning, and forethought to your choice. Find a helpful list of the traditional Birthstone and Birth Flowers, which can be used as a starting point for creative gift-giving ideas.



Last Laugh

By Louise B. Parsley


The only thing more widely traveled than my luggage (think far-reaching corners of the world, none of which were remotely close to my destination) are, in my estimation, members of Generation Y…Not? In high school, they summer in the Galapagos, spend multiple college semesters at sea and consider a 14–hour flight not a problem. For a long weekend. All of which is paid for by… The only time my father paid for me to travel was the summer he sent me to an offshore oil rig hoping I’d get over a loser boyfriend who never would (and didn’t) amount to anything. All I have to show for that relationship is a W–9. My own kids have pointed out (often) the one big distinction between our generations: they are “travelers;” we are “tourists.” Having done their traveler laundry, I’ve narrowed down the real distinction between us: Smell. And that fluctuates depending on the number of parasites smuggled through customs. Seated next to a young 20–something woman at the airport bar (where drinking at 8am is encouraged), I couldn’t help but notice the number of travel patches super-glued to her Louis Vuitton backpack. My curiosity piqued, I asked, “So, what was your favorite place?” “Oh, wow. That’s a hard one! I guess that would be Dampicklestan. I just sorta found it when I was making my way across Uslopia.” “Hmm, never heard of it. What’s it like?”









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