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April/May 2016

Ancient and Magical

Photographer Robert Llewellyn Focuses on Ferns


The arrival of spring brings the opening of buds, the blossoming of flowers, and the dramatic transformation of our Virginia landscape. Hidden in the nearby woods and forests, we find the ancient and magical fern erupting out of the soil in compressed spirals. Ferns are an ancient family of plants: early fern fossils predate the beginning of the Mesozoic era, 360 million years ago. A hike through the wooded forests, where ferns of many species abound, will enchant those who observe this special plant through its life cycle. Each has been waiting for the days to get warmer, so they can unfold, reach for the sun, and bask in the fresh air and dappled light under the tree cover. In early spring their shapes are everywhere. The forest offers an ever-changing environment, brimming with sounds, smells, and textures.

















Keswick Hall and Golf Club
The Perfect Retreat That Embraces A Historic Past While Keeping A Keen Eye To An Exciting Future

by Kirsten Smith


It doesn’t take long for Keswick Hall, composed of 600 acres and nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, to envelop you into its warm embrace. A mere 5 minute drive from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and twenty minutes from his Academical Village at the University of Virginia, this grand country estate is rich in history and character as well as in grace and beauty. On the scenic drive to the estate—which somehow feels secluded, despite its proximity to town—a sense of serenity embraces one’s spirit as the dignified stucco mansion comes into view. City dwellers looking for a weekend escape, wedding guests, golf players, and couples seeking a romantic getaway unite in making Keswick their destination for a stay guaranteed to revive the soul.



The Charlottesville Design House 2016 844 Club Drive, Keswick, Virginia
To Benefit Shelter for Help in Emergency Tours May 7 through May 22


For more than thirty-five years, the Shelter for Help in Emergency (SHE) has worked to end domestic violence in our community. It is the only organization within the greater Charlottesville area that provides help and protection to victims of domestic violence, empowering survivors with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions for themselves and for their families. In addition to safe shelter, SHE provides a 24-hour crisis hotline, counseling, court advocacy and accompaniment, case management, and educational programs.

In 2009, the Shelter’s thirtieth anniversary year, the Design House event was established, a major fundraising event to help sustain the Shelter’s residential facility operations and outreach in the greater Charlottesville community. It is an opportunity for local businesses and community members to come together in recognition of the issue of domestic violence and support the programs of the Shelter for Help in Emergency.



Historic Garden Week in Virginia


Each spring visitors are welcomed to over 250 of Virginia’s most beautiful gardens, homes, and historic landmarks during “America’s Largest Open House.” This 8–day statewide event provides visitors a unique opportunity to see unforgettable gardens at the peak of Virginia’s springtime color, as well as beautiful houses sparkling with over 2,000 flower arrangements created by Garden Club of Virginia members. Tour proceeds fund the restoration and preservation of Virginia’s historic gardens, provide graduate level research fellowships for building comprehensive and ongoing records of historic gardens and landscapes in the Commonwealth, and support the mission of the Garden Club of Virginia. This year offers three different days of touring in the Albemarle area. On Saturday April 23, visit Morven, c. 1820. Sunday April 24, tour Flordon, a picturesque neighborhood in a lush, rolling, woodland setting a few miles west of Charlottesville, with access to five private properties. Conclude your trip on Monday April 25 with free tours of the Pavilion gardens at the University of Virginia, a restoration site of the Garden Club of Virginia using proceeds from past Historic Garden Week tours, and visit Carr’s Hill, the University of Virginia President’s home.

















The Traditional and The Modern


The first real anniversary gift guide was published by renowned American etiquette expert Emily Post in 1922. This guide was published in her etiquette book and only included gift suggestions for five key anniversaries. It wasn’t until 1937 that the American National Retail Jewelers Association assembled the next guide to anniversary gifts, filling in Post’s holes and including things like cotton and leather for the second and third anniversaries respectively. It is believed the thought behind this list was to help a couple build a home and life together, and we can often credit this tradition for the cherished family heirlooms that have been passed down to us over generations. Luxury gifts—like diamonds and gold—were given further down the road when the couple had already acquired all the things they needed.



Last Laugh
Just Do It

By Louise B. Parsley


One would think that, at my age, issues regarding a woman’s biological clock would be…a non-issue. But, when I bumped into my OB (for “obsolete”) in the frozen food section last week, out of nowhere waterworks cascaded from my eyes. Just like the old days. I was possessed. Clinging to his arm, I wrapped my leg around his and whined, “Make me a grandmother…”

I am possessed, all right. By time. My infernal, internal timekeeper, the Big Ben of Grandbaby Making, is ticking so loudly I can’t even eavesdrop on luncheon conversations. Like Peter Pan’s crocodile, it’s confirmation that time and fate are inextricably linked. We are supposed to fall into place in some grand model of things. I had children so they, in turn, would have children, thus fulfilling the reason I had children in the first place:










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