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June/July 2015

MOMENT: Photography by Jack Looney
What’s in Season
The Rich Bounty of Virginia’s Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Photography by Jack Looney



In 2014, Virginia set yet a record for agriculture and forestry exports with a total value of $3.35 billion. This figure represents a 14 percent increase over the 2013 record of $2.9 billion (adjusted).

The top three export markets for Virginia in 2014 were China, Canada and Switzerland, all filling the same spots they held in 2013. China imported more than $691 million in agricultural purchases, while Canada totaled just over $279 million and Switzerland took in approximately $174 million in 2014. China and Canada’s imports increased by 10 and 7 percent, respectively, over 2013 levels.

These countries and many others are purchasing a variety of Virginia agricultural commodities, wood products, seafood, and specialty food and beverage items. These items and others are promoted in the international marketplace by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in Richmond and from a global network of trade offices and representatives in Hong Kong, China, India, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom.

Source: Global Trade Information Services, In

































Room By Room
Design House 2015
Presented by Shelter for Help in Emergency

by Sarah Crain
Photographs Robert Radifera


The Design House began in 2009 in celebration of the Shelter for Help in Emergency’s thirtieth anniversary and a fundraiser to help support the newly opened emergency residential shelter. It is an opportunity for local businesses and community members to come together in recognition of the issue of domestic violence and support all the work of the Shelter for Help in Emergency.

Each year, a Charlottesville-area homeowner generously extends the use of his or her house for the Design House event. Designers and their vendors, assigned to individual rooms and spaces inside and out, showcase their talents and the latest in design styles and techniques. These designers volunteer their own time, materials, and creativity for the event. The result is a unique tour for visitors where each room or garden reflects a designer’s creative vision and provides endless inspiring ideas for the home.

Design House 2015 is unique from past years because it is a brand-new house, recently completed by Summit Custom Homes. Located in Earlysville, the house is a beautiful European French Country brick and stucco home. Owned by Ron and Janie Goldberg, it is situated on over twenty-eight acres with sweeping views of the Blue Ridge.



Independence Day Celebration and Naturalization Ceremony at Monticello

Since 1963, over 3,000 individuals have been sworn in as American citizens on Independence Day at Jefferson’s home. It is the oldest continuous naturalization ceremony in the United States outside of a courtroom. This is truly one of America’s most inspiring Fourth of July events. Governor McAuliffe will deliver the keynote speech this year. For more information visit www.monticello.org.


































Antiques and Collectibles: University of Virginia to Publish Rare Letters of First Lady Martha Washington


After President George Washington’s death, Martha Washington—America’s original first lady—burned most of the correspondence the couple had exchanged during decades of married life, a time period including the Revolutionary War, the formation of the country and his presidency. Nevertheless, thousands of letters to and from her still remain, almost half of which have never been published. Those letters and other documents present intriguing insights into the lives of colonial Virginians, and the impact Martha Washington had on the nation.

Beginning this summer, the University of Virginia will begin publishing Martha’s letters in fully edited and annotated volumes. The major editorial project will launch July 1, with a completion date in 2020, as part of an ongoing partnership between the Papers of George Washington and the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington at Mount Vernon.

The Martha Washington project will publish Martha’s correspondence in two volumes. Three more volumes will capture the correspondence of the greater Washington family, and an additional volume will include the little-known Barbados diary of George Washington. All six volumes will be available in both print and digital formats, published by The University of Virginia Press, and available for purchase.



Last Laugh
The End Game

By Louise B. Parsley


Adrenaline-pumping experiences have always been like catnip to me—hang gliding, skydiving, drinking out of a trash can.

The Bob, not so much. Although, he has experienced honest-to-God Fred Sanford “This is the Big One” moments. Thirty-one years ago—while I was at home caring for a nine-month-old and pregnant again—The Bob was flying home on a prop plane, when its one and only engine failed. During the emergency landing, all he could think was, “Did I pay my life insurance?” Once he was home safely, all I could think was, “How marketable would I be?” Clearly in the age of immortality, I was still stuck in my adolescent mind’s Culture of The Big Me.

But, instead of The Bob feeling untouchable, he became, shall I say, charmingly neurotic...in a Guinness-Book-of-Medical-Records kind of way. He has since been tested for every known irregularity except pregnancy (although, he does take, periodically, medication for PMS from which, no one doubts, he suffers). The closest he’ll ever come to a bungee cord is the one securing his medical file.









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