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December 2014/January 2015

A Natural Perseverance

Photographs by Bill Mauzy


For photographer Bill Mauzy, the traditional pursuits of landscape photography—scenery, environmental relationships, cultural artifacts, light and shadow, texture, color—increasingly take a back seat to a more essential practice of careful observation, being open to a wide range of potentials, and accepting what emerges.  Bill Mauzy calls Crozet, Virginia home. He enjoys photographing subtleties of light, texture, and impermanence he finds in natural and man-made environments. Growing up in the Shenandoah Valley, Bill learned to love its pastoral landscapes and the rugged mountains that surround. He began a focused exploration of landscape photography in the early 90s. Today he offers both fine prints of his art images and high quality, custom imaging for commercial and private clients. Bill earned a master’s degree in landscape architecture in 2006 and practices with WaterStreetStudio in Charlottesville, where he focuses on thoughtful site planning and garden making. www.mauzyphotography.com




















Building Success
University of Virginia Men’s Basketball Coach Tony Bennett Looks to the Future

By Sarah Crain
Photographs by Matt Riley/UVA Media Relations


When Tony Bennett came to University of Virginia as the head coach of the men’s basketball team in 2009, the program wasn’t exactly bad—they just weren’t really anything special. The team was undoubtedly a long way away from the glory days of the Ralph Sampson era in the early 1980s. To regain their status as a lasting basketball program, the Cavaliers needed two things: a dedicated, experienced coach, and an exceptional group of hardworking young men.

Tony Bennett is certainly that coach. From 1989–1992, he played for the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay, where his father, Dick Bennett, was the head coach. After a successful undergraduate career, he played professionally for the Charlotte Hornets for three seasons.

Bennett then transitioned to coaching college basketball. He worked on the coaching staff of Wisconsin under three head coaches: his father, Brad Soderberg, and Bo Ryan.



Be Prepared This Winter

By Lindley Smith


Winter brings us a season of holiday traditions, decorating, delicious treats, and spending time with friends and family. Winter in Virginia can be cold, snowy, and icy, presenting us with many hazards. To help Virginians get ready for severe winter weather, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) has declared Nov. 30–Dec. 6, 2014, as Winter Preparedness Week. Be well prepared for any situation, and make the winter season much more manageable.

















Giving Back to the Community
By Sarah Crain


Studies show that volunteering is one of the best ways to find happiness and satisfaction in a person’s life. There are always excuses not to volunteer: you don’t have the time, you don’t have the skills, or you don’t feel you are really making a difference. The key is finding the volunteer position that is right for you. There are hundreds of nonprofit organizations in Central Virginia, offering many opportunities to help. Use this guide to find the right volunteer experience for you, so you can start giving back to those in need.



Last Laugh
A Doggy Named Desire
By Louise B. Parsley


The first time I laid eyes on her, she scared me to death —popping her head all up inside my crate as though I’d known her all my life. My life hasn’t been that long, but even I know that making friends takes time. Trust…takes time.

She, too, seemed a bit wary, never fully exhaling. Holding onto bits of breath, scared to…let go.

She brought treats, but I was too frightened to eat. Gingerly, she offered me a little, blue dog that was furry and lifeless and squeaked when I bit into it with my baby teeth. I was confused. Was she my new…family? And the man behind her? Standing at a distance, tentative, uncertain of me. The sadness in his eyes was fresh, resonating a longing for something that once consumed his heart. A once joyful place, now empty as a pocket. They picked me, but…did they really want me?

Inside their home, I picked up on something in the air. Its trail drew me to a dust-filled kitchen corner—dog bowls that had since long gone unused; chew toys dried and crusty, lay unloved. Lining the walls were pictures of smiling kids with other dogs. The house felt empty, yet resonated with the kids’ echoes. And, the dogs, well, all that remained were their frayed, faded collars and timeworn tags sitting atop a shelf. Whispered scents holding memories of lives well-lived.

When she wasn’t looking, I studied the photographs wondering, imagining what could have happened. I could never ask. Yet, still…









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