For over 36 years, award-winning albemarle Magazine has been dedicated to “Living in Jefferson’s Virginia,” celebrating the fascinating people, places, and events that make Virginia both a wonderful place to visit and to call home. albemarle Magazine embraces the Jeffersonian ideal and mindset: an interest in history and public service; a desire to see beyond the next hill and learn about other people and cultures; an appreciation for visionary thinking, literature, and the arts (fine and performing); a love for architecture and the land, its beauty, and its preservation; and a delight in the latest innovations and inventions. For the long-time resident, the newcomer, and the visitor, albemarle serves to enlighten, educate, and entertain its readers.

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albemarle Awards

albemarle is pleased to bring editorial and design awards home to Jefferson's Virginia. The awards are a reflection of our unique community -- the people, places, and events -- that albemarle is so proud to represent. We look forward to continuing to deliver to you, our reader and advertiser, an award-winning magazine.

albemarle Magazine Receives IRMA Award in 2021



albemarle Magazine Receives IRMA Award in 2021



albemarle Magazine Receives IRMA Award in 2020



  albemarle Magazine Receives Five IRMA Awards in 2018



albemarle Magazine Receives IRMA Awards in 2015


albemarle Magazine Receives IRMA Awards in 2017





albemarle Magazine Receives IRMA Awards in 2008



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