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The Always Resourceful Fox

Photographer Cathy Summers uses her camera to capture the world of this cunning canine

We have all heard the expressions “crazy like a fox” and “sly as a fox.” These phrases apply to a cunning member of the dog family found throughout Virginia. Red foxes utilize a wide range of habitats, including forest, tundra, prairie, desert, mountains, farmlands, and urban areas. Red foxes like our Virginia terrain, preferring the open habitats and sparsely settled hill areas. They often frequent edges between different types of cover. These canines have also adapted well and become resourceful to suburban environments, preferring developed areas that provide some form of vegetative cover.

Photographer Cathy Summers grew up in Albemarle County, where she remembers photographing her first fox. Each year, she spends many hours enjoying the red fox litters born and raised beneath the backyard shed of her Falls Church home. albemarle Magazine asked the photographer a few questions about the cunning visitors in her backyard as she shares this photographic essay.

Building Business and Community

From the Desk of Elizabeth Cromwell, President and CEO of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce

One of the most significant contributors to our local economy is the defense/intelligence sector. More than 2,500 federal workers are employed locally by the US Army National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), the US Department of Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), and the US Army Judge Advocate General (JAG) School. Also, our private sector employs approximately 2,000 intelligence and defense contractors.

Together, these jobs represent an estimated annual payroll of hundreds of millions for our region. These generally well-paid employees live, work and play here and contribute significantly to our community’s tax base.

The purpose of the Defense Affairs Committee (DAC) of the Chamber is to foster economic vitality by strengthening relationships among Chamber members, the regional defense and intelligence community, and our municipalities. By working together to enhance these relationships, the DAC solidifies this crucially important part of our economy.

Right In Tune: American Made Stringed Instruments

by Ken Farmer

What exactly is “mojo?” The dictionary describes it as a magic charm, talisman, or spell, a magical power. To a working musician or player, the most valuable instruments are the ones that have an impressive sound and extra strength, or mojo. Over the last 100 years, specific instruments have been assigned mythic powers by both collectors and players, particularly electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins, and banjos.

The main factors driving value for these particular instruments are rarity, condition, provenance, and mojo. If an iconic musician played an instrument, its value is driven more by the celebrity factor than the instrument itself.

For instance, Eric Clapton’s “Blackie” Fender Stratocaster sold for $959,000 at Christie’s in 2004. This guitar, made from parts from different years, would have only been a Frankenstein model built from assorted pieces and worth a lot less than the almost seven figures it sold for without Clapton’s connection.

The Right Path to an Historic Restoration

Five key pieces of advice to keep in mind when modernizing and restoring the stunning beauty of a treasured past.
by Cathy Purple Cherry, AIA, Founding Principal of Purple Cherry Architects

Virginia is home to one of the highest concentrations of historic homes in the country. Scattered across main streets and winding country roads, these homes have withstood Civil War battles, numerous US presidents, and the invention of indoor plumbing. This is good news for Virginians who love the architectural bones and timeless details these houses offer. But anyone who has ever lived in a house with a century or two of history knows, there are certainly challenges to renovating a historic home.

I know this firsthand, as my husband and I restored and live in an 18th-century manor home listed on the National Register of Historic Places. I have also helped clients renovate countless historic homes throughout my 35-year career.

Central Virginia Georgian Style

Untouched since its construction in 1966, this Georgian home in Charlottesville was the perfect canvas for a complete remodel and additional improvements.
photography Darren Setlow Photography

It was a call that Michael Boyes, builder and owner of Sage Homes, eagerly anticipated, ten years after finishing the construction of his client’s Beverly Hills home in 2008. Knowing the same family would someday return to Charlottesville and need a suitable home, he was ready to jump when it was time.

The time had finally come—the client and their family were moving back to the Charlottesville/Albemarle area. The next step was to find the perfect property. Having a vision for what a dated, not-so-perfect property could become is where Boyes excels. The search acted on potential leads, concentrating on homes in neighborhoods where the family wanted to settle. The builders would then customize the property for the new homeowners.

The 2021 Governor’s Cup® and Gold Medal Wine Trail

The Virginia Wineries Association Governor’s Cup Wine Competition judging awarded 47 wineries with 96 gold medals in the 2021 Virginia wine competition. Held over a four-week period, the competition is one of the most stringent and thorough wine competitions in the country.

Gold medal winners come from across the state’s winegrowing regions, underscoring the diverse landscapes and varied conditions that produce wines that embody the grace, grit and experimental spirit of Virginia Wine. Start exploring Virginia’s Wine Country today with the Virginia Governor’s Cup Gold Medal Wine Trail, a mobile passport that brings gold-medal-winning wineries from the 2021 Virginia Governor’s Cup Competition right to your fingertips.

All Creatures Great and Small

The Red Fox

Their piercing eyes and pointy ears are two of their most distinguishing features, but both serve very practical purposes. Red foxes have excellent visual acuity, used for seeing small movements from far away and navigating dense woods as they sprint around after prey. A fox will stand motionless, listening and watching intently.

Who’s Who of REALTORS®

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